What is Aufero?

Aufero is a better way to release software to the right audience at the right time. Aufero delivers value for your business in three key ways:

Test new features in production before they are ever seen by users

This dramatically reduces the risk of releasing buggy feature updates, making for happier customers and confident product delivery teams.

Control and monitor how users are navigated to separate production stacks

This allows you to roll out new features in a way that makes the most sense for both you and your customers.

Instantaneously rolls traffic back to a previous version if something goes wrong

Roll back without the need to re-deploy any code or artifacts! Your site URLs don’t change, so users won’t ever experience service disruption.

How it works




With Aufero, releasing software in production before a customer ever sees it, allows certification in the production environment and more confidence than ever in release quality.



As a product manager, I want to be the person to control the release of features to our customers, so that I can ensure they always have an amazing experience from first impression to the last.



I love that a technology strategy can be accelerated with Aufero. Releasing to users can be done more confidently, enabling the executive team to support the evolution needed to bring customers value, faster.