Release software the way you planned it.

What if your software releases never failed again?

Release with Confidence

Deploy to production without disrupting service.

Rollback Instantly

No need to re-deploy code.

Target Audiences

Group users and customers for better business outcomes.

Test in Production

Verify software before releasing to customers.

Schedule Release Delivery

Product management releases to audiences at the speed of business.

Who benefits from Aufero?

Regardless of the size of your organization, Aufero can help you reduce the risk of releasing software to your valued customers.

Product Managers

Aufero grants product managers greater jurisdiction over each release. They are empowered to schedule new releases to fit their customers’ needs. They can even target cutting-edge features to specific customers for whom the potential benefit outweighs the risk. Aufero is the best option for product managers who want to deliver high-value features to their customers with fewer disruptions and at a greater frequency.


Aufero empowers developers to focus on bringing elegant code to production as soon as it’s ready –– potential service disruptions and business timing become non-factors. Developers can create new features with more streamlined code, assess the efficacy of their code sooner, and dramatically shorten the timeline of each project.

Dev Ops

Aufero allows the dev-ops engineer to assess the potential health of each release deployed to production – long before it ever becomes available to customers.

Aufero is breaking a rule: Deployment ≠ Release

Aufero creates an intentional distinction between a deployment and a release. A release is composed of a software deployment for a specific audience released on a specific date.


Entire codebase deployed in parallel on your production stack.


Who are the users that should receive the new deployment

Scheduled Release Date

When should the audience receive the latest deployment


High quality software delivered to the right users at the right time.

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